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Falls at Home: How to Keep Your Loved Ones Safe


Seniors are prone to home accidents involving slips and falls due to their age and unsteady gait. Your loved ones should feel safe and secure in their homes, which is why you should take precautionary measures to avoid these preventable accidents. Our home care services will provide you with insight into how to prevent slips and falls and ensure the safety of your senior loved one when you are away.

  • Use sensible footwear.

    Ensure that your loved one wears non-slip socks and sturdy, flat shoes with non-slip soles. You can join the Michigan home care experts’ home safety program for home safety revisions and recommendations.

  • Keep a brightly lit home.

    Keeping your loved one’s home illuminated will help them avoid tripping hazards. In addition, make sure that you use motion sensor lights, store flashlights, and use emergency lights in case of power outages.

  • Remove tripping hazards.

    Remove clutter in the home and use non-slip rugs and eliminate tripping hazards like coffee tables from high-traffic areas will help make the home much safer.

  • Use assistive devices.

    VisitingHelpers recommend using a cane or walker to keep your loved ones steady when they are walking around. Our Senior Services focuses on home safety, where we recommend essential tools to keep your loved one safe in the home. We recommend assistance devices like the use of grab bars in the bathroom and handrails on both sides of the stairway.

  • Use is before you lose it

    Have you heard of the phrase “use it before you lose it”? Keeping your loved ones moving is one way to help strengthen their balance and prevent falls. VisitingHelpers Companion Care Services work with your loved one to strengthen their gait to keep them steady on their feet.

As reliable providers of home care in Southfield, Michigan, VisitingHelpers can provide your loved ones with the support that they need to stay safe in the home.

Reach out to us at 248-234-4230 to ensure their safety at home.

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